How To Prepare For Your Next Phone Interview

Before you head into a in-person interview with the management, you might have to do a quick phone interview. For most companies this is the beginning of their interview process. The goal for the company is to identify whether you are worth engaging for a longer, in-person interview. Because of that, they are usually short, around 10 or 20 minutes and they are hard enough to weed the candidates which are not perfect to this position. The phone interview usually consist of a few short questions which aim to identify the candidate’s level of communication and determination.

There are people who are communicative and can easily ace through phone interviews, but there are also others, who would be great fit to the position and they do great on in-person interviews, but however they can’t handle phone interviews. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your phone interview.

1 – Have a copy of your resume and job description in front of you.

You have sent your resume while applying to the job and apparently they liked you enough to interview you. Have it in front of you, so you can check if the recruiter asks a question about your past experience or education.

 2 – Stand up and use good posture.

Make sure there is no background noises and avoid gums/candy during the interview. Avoid sitting during the interview, try standing up as it gives you more energy and confidence to your voice. You can make a small walk in your room if that will help you feel better during the interview. And bring a smile on your face, as it will help you build a rapport with the recruiter.

3.Prepare your answers

This is a phone interview, so you should use this to your advantage. The recruiter cannot see you, so it is perfectly fine to get a lot of notes in front of you. They should consist mainly of answers to the most frequently asked questions in phone interviews. As you can’t afford to have too many notes or you won’t be able to find the ones you need, the four most important questions are :

*Tell me a bit about yourself?

This is a standard question. You can use this to summarize him your background information, that is also located in your resume. It is also a great time to tell him more about yourself as a person, show your personality and explain them that you would be a great fit for this position.

*Why do you want to work on this position?

Have a copy of your job description in front of you and explain your reasoning for your application. If you have applied for a senior engineer position, you can point that you love building great things with simple words or you enjoy solving hard math challenges.

*Why do you want to work on our company?

Before the interview try googling your company and find some more information about them. Check their social media accounts, they usually give you some idea about the company culture and values. Additional places to look are : latest PR statements, employee reviews and of course LinkedIn.

*What are your weaknesses?

This is а regular question, so have a prepared answer for this. The answer doesn’t matter, unless we are talking about something too huge. Just make sure you are ready to answer it without any hesitation.

*Do you have any questions?

The right answer here is always “yes”. Prepare some questions to ask, so you can show your interest in the job. You can ask questions about your future team, about the company strategies/funding or ask about their perfect candidate for the position. Listen to their answers, as they can give you some hints, which can help you land the job!

4 – Practice

Get a friend on the phone and ask him to help you to do a mock phone interview. Record it, so you can analyze it to find your weak points and improve them before the real interview. There are also different websites online, which will do a mock interview for you and provide analysis for them.

Acing your phone interview will give you even better chances to land your dream job, so don’t overlook it.